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In the Beginning

We started our journey on the 27 of March 2018, our idea was to have a YouTube channel to inspire and encourage people to do exactly the same we are doing.  A lot of people has doubts about this life style at our age.


So on May 2018 we launched our first episode. Not being use to having a camera in front of us, most of the time made those first episodes a little awkward, if we watch them nowadays.


But the feedback from all of you was something we were not expecting at all. The messages, the emails, the comments on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube were absolutely amazing. At that moment we made a promise to ourselves, we said we would reply to all these lovely people that had spent a few minutes of their lives to follow us and write to us. Sometimes it’s difficult, because there are so many messages that can make our job difficult with the limit WiFi connections we always seem to have.


By now we feel that you guys are inspiring us to keep going, instead of the other way around, those messages and comments inspire us to go forward, to keep creating, to challenge ourselves, and continuously gives you more realistic and better content.


However, everything in life has a cost and to bring you more and better we need your help. 

Surprisingly we got monetised by YouTube in 11 weeks after the launch our first episode. Yes, that means a 1000 subscribers and 240.000 minutes watched.  That is a huge achievement at such an early stage.


How to help us without any costs for you...


Watch our YouTube videos and those annoying ads in between if possible. 


We earn revenue from advertising on YouTube, it’s really hard to understand the YouTube algorithm, and to be honest I gave up trying to understand it, I just accept whatever they do. But, yes one thing we know, it’s if you go through all the adds we get a full portion of small amount YouTube give us. Believe me, it’s nearly nothing, but loads of little bits will make a difference one day. We totally understand if you can’t go through all that boring stuff, but maybe you could let it run and crab a beer or have a look at your Facebook feed while they’re running, it’s only a few seconds. We really appreciate if you do this, a great way to help us without any cost for you.


Comments, likes and shares


There is something on YouTube called “engagement rate”, where if you get more likes, comments and shares, YouTube ( or Google, that owns YouTube), will rank your channel, make it more visible to more people using the search tool, or coming up on the suggested list, generating the more views which means more subscribers for us, hopefully following us and this helps to continuously grown our channel


So please guys, this is an easier ask, and again free of costs for you,, comment and share our videos.

Social Media


Since day one, we are very strong on Facebook and Instagram where we write a daily blog about the real life of a cruiser. No colours or roses there, everything that happens to us it’s there in black and white.  We have no shame to publish when things go wrong.

As much followers and activity there the more our channel will grow. Your activity on these platforms raises our profile and every time you share our blog are more chances to reach out different people that might be interested in what we are doing and start following us as well.

Plus on these platforms you get much more interaction with us as we reply in real time to you. Most of the time generates very interesting discussions on diverse subjects. We absolutely love that. And it has given people the opportunity to meet us along the way, as you know where we are at any given time. 

Please Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, once again, no costs for you. 


Shop at our store 


This is another way to help us on our journey. If you buy some of our gear from our website, it is sure help us a little, and you get you some awesome Ocean Fox merchandise.

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