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We offer the following services for the new sailor or social media blogger or Vlogger.  These services can be purchased as a one off or as a series.  This gives you the opportunity to learn from our experience and set you on the right course.

Chat Time

This gives you the opportunity to have a 1:1 conversation with us on a video call.  You can ask those burning questions you have about transiting to a live-aboard-life. What boat to buy, how to manage telecommunications,  what is it really like at sea and many more questions you may have.

£60.00 / 60 minutes
Social Media Support

Are you thinking of starting a YouTube channel or starting to blogg on open an Instagram page, Facebook or Tik Tok?  Using our experience over the past four years we can help you set up your site and answer your questions on how to make your channel grow.  Carla is accredited with Google on  Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Starting from £60.00
Transitional Support

Worried about life on your new boat.  Why not have us to come along for a few days or longer. We will come onboard and stay with you for as long as you hire us, either on a passage, checking in a new country, going to a Marina, be at anchor, etc.

£400.00 / 24 hours, plus expenses.
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Yacht Delivery

With over 56,000nm and two Atlantic crossings between us, we would be happy to collect your boat and sail her to your next destination. We are not in a rush, we will look for fair weather for the voyage. Trust the two of us to get her safely there, after all that is what we would want to do.

£350.00 / 24 hours, plus expenses.
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