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Simon comes from Gloucestershire in the west of England.  After finishing school Simon studied the technical aspects of the theatre and stage design at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.


After a seven year career in the Theatre Simon went on to start his own company in the corporate events industry.  Over a period of thirty plus years Simon has worked and produced events in forty four countries for corporate and sports clients as well as International government events.


Sailing has always been part of Simon’s life from the age of eight when he learnt to sail with his farther. Simon has owned four yachts previously ranging in size from 27’ to 36’. He use to sail the south coast of the UK, the Channels Islands and the north coast of France.


Carla and Simon met during the summer of 2015 and were married in Barbados January 2017.  Two days later Carla suggested they sale the house, buy a boat and sail the seven seas.  In March 2018 they did just that.


Carla had to leave her birth country, Angola, by the age of ten due of the civil war. With her parents they moved back to Portugal. “I think it was the first sign in my life, that I loved to travel”.


After a short stop in Portugal the family moved to Rio in Brazil, where Carla spent her teenage years and went to University.  By the age of twenty Carla had independently moved to San Francisco, California. Carla spent the next three years enjoying as much as she could of the city and the surrounding area.


Carla returned to Portugal in 1992 with Jessica, now 31, and Rafaela is now 28.


After running a successful real estate agency, by Christmas 2011 Carla was in London and decided to make it her new home. Less than two months later she was moving to one of the biggest cities in the world.


“When I met Simon, 3 years later in 2015, I had 5 jobs, I was working 80 hours a week, and taking an online degree at the Open University in Health and Social Care.


I remember Simon asking me, “Do you think you will have time for a man in your life?” But this was the right time, luckily, I had met the most kind and wonderful man I could have ever find.”


The rest of the story you probably already know.

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