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Having owned the Highfield Classic 2.9 RIB for two years we thought we would do a review. Don't forget that we have been living aboard for the past two years so our RIB has had a hard life.


It comes up to all our expectations and was one of the best purchases we have made. We score it 19.5 out of 20.


We have owned our Parsun for two years. During that time we have been full time live aboard, we have therefore used it most days. It has been very reliable. I would not hesitate to buy this brand again.


It comes up to all our expectations. We score it 18.5 out of 20.

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We fitted a Rutland 1200 Wind Generator to our Lagoon 400. The installation was simple enough given the instructions. We had a pole made as I did not want to get one shipped half way around the world. However, given the choice I would use the pole supplied by Rutland as an option.

Rutland 1200.jpg

We bought this product from the chandlery in Portugal; Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner. Quite honestly it really did not come up to expectations for cleaning. Also the cap broke off on the first application.


I am a fan of Starbrite products but this one I would not recommend. 

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We installed the basic Seawater Pro watermaker. Nine months later we upgraded it with a new stainless steel pump. 


With the basic kit some of the parts are plastic, but they have never broken. The main issues we have had with the watermaker was with the Karcher, it would overheat. With the pump supplied by Seawater Pro it has been very reliable. Great Product.

Seawater Pro.jpg

We have had one of this boards for two years, it was great value for money and reliable. Great Product.


I have had four pairs of these shoes over the past seven years. Well tested in all conditions, great product and good value for money. Available in blue gray and tan.

Comfortable boat shoe thanks to their thick sole and genuine leather. Good hold with their three-eyelet lacing. Non-marking rubber sole with good grip. Made in Portugal.

Boat Shoe.jpg

We have been using these as an All Round White light on our RIB for a year, trouble free, we have now installed four on each set of stern steps.

They come with a 3M sticking pad, no holes, cables or switches, they work all night even mounted vertically.


We bought two of these Spinlock Deckvest, Lifejackets in Tropical White. We picked them as a premium brand and they have not come up to our expectations. Though they are a great bit of kit they have deteriorated terribly.

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We have stayed at Vilamoura marina a few times.  It is a great spot but lookout for those black bumpers on E, F and G pontoons

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We have stayed at Whisper Cove Marina for a few days and loved it.  It is just the most perfect Caribbean marina tucked away on the south coast of Grenada

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We fitted the Raymarine VHF radio to Ocean Fox, with the additional remote handset.  I have to say it has been reliable over three years. I have no problem with recommending it.

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