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Bequia Express

When Roz Crow and Jefferson take delivery of their new alloy all electric yacht, OceanLight, people start to get killed around them.

They set sail from the Netherlands taking in the south coast of England, Portugal, and out into the wild Atlantic Ocean. In the middle of the night, Roz disappears, and Jeff goes into hiding.

In the southern Caribbean, Jeff eventually finds the truth, escapes from the people chasing him in a hair-raising sail.

An action-packed thriller written by a real yachtsman for sailors and sunbed worshippers alike.

Bequia Express is the first of three books in the series following Roz and Jeff on their voyages around the Atlantic and the Caribbean.
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Blood at Bock Cay

After Roz and Jeff lost their yacht OceanLight in Bequia, a year later they were ready to sail the Atlantic once again on their new catamaran OceanBreeze.

Having made friends with Pia and Sam in the most southern port in the Bahamas, things start to get complicated. Both yachts go to the rescue of others and the plot gets thicker and darker.


In this second book, following on from Bequia Express the dark side of Roz starts to come through.

Written by a yachtsman that has sailed these waters, Simon brings a real life prospective to sailing the Caribbean.

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