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The Ocean Fox live aboard experience

The perfect opportunity for you to find out if this is the life you are dreaming of. If you are on the planning to becoming a live aboard, this is a great chance for a test drive. 


You can find out if you are buying the right boat for your family or if you are making the right decision. Also a great chance to convince your partner that this is the life you are both aspiring to.

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Book an Experience this year, 2021 - February Portugal, March - June Spain

Scroll down for full details, pricing, what’s included and Q & A

Just to clarify, this is not like chartering a boat for a week. This is an opportunity for you to live the real life of a live aboard. Having the full experience with experienced people. We will be around paradise beaches with a glass of wine at sunset, but the main idea is living the experience of a live aboard, so you should expect some boat maintenance and unplanned things that might happen during the week.

Reasons for people to join The Ocean Fox Experience?

Before you go out there and buy a yacht, have a test run, is this the life for you? Is this right for your partner, do they really know what to expect. "Living this experience" you can gain an insight into the lifestyle, a real look at what it is like to keep a boat afloat, the amount of work the boat needs as well as sailing in paradise. "Living this experience" will allow you to feel what’s coming with the dream.

It is hard to visualise the future if you haven’t been there. Weekend and holiday sailing are completely different type our lifestyle. If you are used to sporadic sailing, that is great, but it doesn’t give you the same experience, the needs are different and boat is geared up in a different way. 

So, this is a perfect opportunity for you to find out what it is really like to live aboard. Things like having the generator purring for hours to keep your battery bank full, making water each and every day, it’s probably one of the sour taste of this life. Something that at home may take you half an hour, onboard might take a few hours, just because of the conditions you are in. All of these are things you will learn on "Living this Experience".

How amazing would it be, to be, a live aboard cruiser?

Choose your own destinations 

Travel around the world with your own home

Stay longer when you are in beautiful places

Move on if you want a change

Meeting wonderfull people

Making friends all the time

Joining sailing community

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It never stops, it’ is an amazing life, specially by the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand. 

What you will experience during your week on Ocean Fox?

Route planing

Mooring, anchoring and docking

What to take in consideration for longer passages

Sourcing for grocery shops, gas, water, diesel

Weather conditions around the islands

Weather Apps, should we trust them?

How to plan and organise the galley

Getting use to the dinghy

How much provisioning, what do you need according to where you are

How to calculate your food for longer passages

Making changes to go less plastic

Checking in/out of the countries 

Managing water and electricity

Maintaining the boat

Rubbish onboard

MOB drill

We can always adapt your experience according to your needs.

The Costs of a week on Ocean Fox

Six days, five nights onboard Ocean Fox with two crew, Skipper and Chef

Food on the boat is included, a menu for the week will be provided after the booking.

5,000 USD for a couple, 3,500 USD for a single, as a contribution to the running costs.

To book there is a 300USD non-refundable deposit.

50% of the total fee twenty eight days before the experience, non-refundable

Balance seven days before you arrive.


The cost are less than to charter a Lagoon 400 for a week with crew, but as we said before, this not a charter.


Any questions please email us at


What’s not included are:

Flights, airport transfers, alcohol, excursions, eating or drinking ashore.

We will take you to a supermarket on the first day for you to buy your favourites at your own cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.    We are buying a monohull, is it worth it to go on a catamaran to have this experience?

A.   Come along and experience the live aboard life, that is what it is all about. You may end up buying a Cat.

Q.  Do you provide any qualifications or certificates?


A.   No, we are not qualified to teach you. We are here to show you how life is as a live aboard.

To show you how real life is on a boat, all the problems and the joys of a live aboard sailing.

Q.  How do we pay you?

A.    Either through PayPal or as a bank transfer.

Q.  Will we have our own bathroom?
A.    Yes, so long as you are a couple or a single person.
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