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Can we FLIP a Cat? Is it possible to do this?

I was just wondering if anybody has tried this. Property developers do this with houses all the time. They buy the cheapest house on the road, enhance it and sell it on at a profit. Not to mention second hand car dealers.

We were looking into this this week, and did a study of the prices of the Lagoon 380's. Over a thousand of these boats have been built over twenty years. The production run started in 1999 and finished in 2019.

By all accounts more 380s have been built than any other moulded yacht.

They are well constructed boats with a large interior for their 38' 11" length and have been proved very popular.

We studied the numbers from the cheapest boat to the most expensive and were surprised at the result. The price range is from 160,000€ up to 359,000€ a massive 200,000€ difference.

Admittingly age, equipment, layout and location, all have a play in the price.

But could one buy a boat, refit her, bringing her up to the standard of a world cruising yacht and sell her at a profit?

It is a big question and one I would like to find the answer to.

Has anyone tried it?

Does anyone do this on a regular bases?

In this week's video we go in to the details of the boat Flip, we studdy the market and see if it could be an opportunity.

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